Mailbox Suite Services

Lindgren Mini Storage offers a private and secure mailbox suite service which can be accessed 24 hours a day for $125 per year.


Parking Services

At our gated Hemmings Road facility, Lindgren Mini Storage offers an uncovered parking service for vehicles and trailers up to 10’ x 40’ for $40 per month. Spaces of 10’ x 32’ feet for $40 per month and 15’ x 50’ for $60 per month are available.

Automobile Storage Services

Storage Services

Lindgren Mini Storage offers a variety of storage unit sizes at affordable rates:

Rental pricing chart

Mobile Storage Services


Lindgren Mini Storage now offers mobile storage, making storing and moving your items more convenient and less stressful. For $149 per month (plus delivery and pick-up costs), a mobile storage container is brought to your desired location to be packed at your leisure. Once loaded, the container can remain on location (i.e., if you are undergoing a renovation at your home), be moved to a new location (i.e., if you are moving homes) or brought to a Lindgren Mini Storage site to be stored and access until it is re-delivered to a location of your choice. Please call for delivery location pricing, prices starting at $99.

Mobile Storage Services
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